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Sports Rehabilitation

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, soreness, pain and injury can quickly derail your efforts to reach your fullest potential. So when sports injuries happen, your goal is to heal quickly, safely, and get back to the top of your game with an eye toward preventing future injuries. That’s our goal, as well, as Active Moving Body Physical Therapy.

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Spine Care

Our physical therapists specialize in spine health. We focus not just on treating pain, but on determining its cause and preventing it from coming back.

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Pre and Post Surgery Therapy

Hip and knee replacement surgeries are some of the most common operations performed in the U.S., with about 1 million completed each year. And each one of these patients share one thing in common: their desire to get back to the level of work, play and function they enjoyed before first experiencing joint pain. The physical therapy team at Active Moving Body can get them there.

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Women’s Health

Do you have bladder issues or pain during intimacy? Our women’s health physical therapy services can help alleviate these forms of pelvic floor dysfunction and more.

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Massage Therapy

Tissue tension can develop and prevent an individual from gaining full range of motion and full use of their body. We as a team help with massage using manual techniques and therapeutic modalities such as cupping/taping/myofascial release/ESTIM

Experts in massage therapy help clients get back to their everyday lives, our Active Moving Body Physical Therapy team focuses not just on treating the pain or discomfort, but determining and treating the source.


Patient Testimonial

“The physical therapists gave me some exercises to do at home and also helped break down the knots in my back. I felt so much better after only a few weeks. Everyone in office is so nice and genuine and they make you feel really comfortable. It’s family owned so they really care.”

– Hillary G.


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